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Call: 01179 820025
Call: 01179 820025
Penarth heights, Cardiff
Demolition & Remediation: Former Industrial Estate – Cranleigh, Surrey
Miller Homes (Southern)

Demolition & Remediation: Former Industrial Estate - Cranleigh, Surrey

Client: Miller Homes (Southern)
Date: 2018 (32 weeks)
Nature of works: Remediation & Enabling
Contract Value: £1.46m

Soilfix were contracted to carry out a ‘one-stop’ demolition, remediation & development platform preparation at a former industrial estate

The Challenge
Demolition & remediation works were required to enable redevelopment of the 4Ha site for a residential end-use. The site presented numerous challenges including multiple areas of hydrocarbon / solvent soil contamination, locally gross quantities of below ground asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) and substantial below-ground obstructions in reclaimed ground (landfill), with geotechnically poor fill containing significant lose reinforcement bar.

Our Solution
Soilfix carried out the following works under a Materials Management Plan developed fully in accordance with CL:AIRE Code of Practice: • Controlled demolition of all structures including removal of significant ACM’s & CFC foam insulation from the roof & walls;

• Decommissioning and removal of underground fuel storage tanks & infrastructure;

• Targeted excavation and on-site bioremediation of hydrocarbon / solvent impacted soils;

• Installation of a low permeability barrier along a site boundary to prevent on-site migration of residual solvent contamination;

• Dredging / treatment of hydrocarbon impacted silts and re-contouring of a boundary surface watercourse;

• Segregation, sorting and hand-picking of soils and concrete grossly contaminated with cement-bound ACMs (250 tonnes removed as hazardous waste);

• Controlled removal of slabs & in-ground obstructions and processing of landfilled wastes;

• Processing 8,500m3 site-won concrete to ’Type 3’ specification for permeable drainage & 6F2 specification for construction running layers; and,

• Site re-engineering to required construction formation levels, including stabilisation of geotechnically poor soils to meet requirements for road corridors and working platforms.

Soilfix successfully achieved all contract requirements on programme and to budget despite poor ground conditions and ACM contamination being far more challenging than was anticipated from the original site investigations. Out of 39,000m3 materials generated, >99% materials recovery was achieved throughout the project.

  • Published: 10/02/2021
  • Service: Remediation & Enabling
  • Client: Miller Homes (Southern)

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