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Call: 01179 820025
Call: 01179 820025
Penarth heights, Cardiff
Former Timber Treatment Yard, East Anglia
Confidential FTSE-100 Company

Former Timber Treatment Yard, East Anglia

Client: Confidential FTSE-100 Company
Date: 2019
Nature of works: Soil & Groundwater Remediation
Contract Value: Confidential

Soilfix were instructed to carry out a programme of soil and groundwater remediation at a former timber treatment yard below a data centre car park

The Challenge

This former data centre car park was redeveloped from a timber yard in the 1980’s.

Extensive due diligence site investigation identified significant contamination of soil and shallow groundwater. Contaminants included a cocktail of Petroleum Hydrocarbons, BTEX compounds, Trimethylbenzenes, Pentachlorophenol and persistent Organochlorine pesticides (gamma-HCH (Lindane), aldrin and dieldrin), which presented unacceptable risks to human health and nearby controlled water receptors.

Our Solution

Soilfix implemented a fast-track, multi-phase remediation approach including:

Primary Remediation: Breakout of hard standing, removal of in-ground substructures, UST decommissioning/removal followed by targeted excavation of grossly contaminated shallow soils to reduce contaminant mass and satisfy risk-based human-health criteria. Sustainable off-site disposal to a permitted soil treatment facility;

Secondary Remediation: In-situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO). Injection of chemical oxidants PersulfOx® (activated sodium persulfate) and RegenOx® (sodium percarbonate) to rapidly reduce gross contaminant concentrations, within the saturated zone; and,

Tertiary Remediation: Sorption and biodegradation. Injection of PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™ and locally Oxygen Release Compound (ORC-Advanced) to form a reactive groundwater treatment zone through

Our Conclusion

Concentrations of the Principal Contaminants of Concern were reduced by >95%  (comfortably exceeding the required objective >75%).  The scheme successfully delivered remediation targets and the client was able to surrender the lease for the site within the required notice period, providing significant commercial savings on their lease.

  • Published: 10/02/2021
  • Service: Soil and Groundwater remediation
  • Client: Confidential FTSE-100

Our Contacts

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  • Phone: 01179 820025
  • E-mail: info@soilfix.co.uk

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